Why NaVetor?

NaVetor’s intuitive design structures your day and your workflow. As the sea turtle is nature’s best navigator, NaVetor helps you find your way.

Beautifully easy yet fully featured. Helps you create simplicity out of the complex.

Thoughtful. Work quickly and efficiently, with minimal steps.

Reliable. Backed by the support of Patterson.

Thoughtful, Intuitive Design

Built from the cloud up, NaVetor is a modern, efficient, beautifully easy veterinary software designed to help you navigate your business.

See a quick snapshot of practice activity

with dashboards that can be customized for each role in your practice, plus whiteboards for both staff and clients.

Maintain complete electronic medical records

with SOAP entries, treatment plan templates, prescription management, and more. Every client interaction can be documented in the EMR.

Manage the health of your business

through inventory management, financial reports, automatic charge capture, and key performance indicators.

Save clicks – and time

with efficient workflows plus integrations that you can access without leaving your software.

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Interested in seeing how NaVetor can work in your practice?

Contact us to set up your personalized demonstration of the software.

If you sign up by May 31, you’ll receive a free data conversion.

You can also download the NaVetor brochure for more information or learn more on the NaVetor website.