The NaVetor Fall Sale

Get a free data conversion when you sign up for NaVetor plus credit card processing or Vet Hero client communications.

Isn’t it great when everything works together? Like your practice management software and your payment processing or client communications? No double data entry, human error, or wasted time.

No matter what your practice efficiency goals are, we’ll create the best bundle to save you time and money.

With the Right Tools …

Simply swipe your client’s credit or debit card and the transaction is automatically recorded in NaVetor. No double data entry, human error, or wasted time balancing drawers. An integration between NaVetor and Global Payments Integrated makes this fast, easy, and secure.

Clients can book appointments online, and they’ll automatically show up in your calendar, with no extra steps for your staff.
Clients can complete and sign forms digitally, and they’ll automatically upload to NaVetor.
You can send and receive two-way text messages from your clients, right from your software. Responses are saved in the client record.

You can accept contactless payments or send clients a text message with a link to an invoice to pay online. Payments are automatically entered into NaVetor.

You can grow your positive reviews on Google and Facebook by automatically sending requests via text or email after client appointments.

Why NaVetor?

It’s the Best Value in Veterinary Cloud Software

Your monthly subscription includes:


  • A mobile app for your practice
  • A host of integrations
  • A boarding module, whiteboard, and workflow tools (no need to pay extra).
  • Built-in telemedicine and online appointment requests.
  • Automatic software updates that happen in the background.
  • Excellent technical support from Patterson, around the clock.

Request a demo and see how NaVetor can help you streamline practice operations.

Pick your bundle, sign up for one year, and you’ll qualify for a free data conversion. (Offer ends Oct. 31.)