A modern, efficient, beautifully easy veterinary cloud software designed to help you navigate your business.

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Why NaVetor?

NaVetor cloud software is a modern, efficient, beautifully easy way to streamline your workday and navigate your business. Its intuitive design allows you to see a quick snapshot of practice activity, maintain complete electronic medical records, manage the health of your business, and save time. And with a mobile app, an ever-growing list of integrations, a free boarding module, and award-winning 24/7 tech support from Patterson, NaVetor is a great value, too.

Hear what customers say about us!

"NaVetor is an easy, intuitive cloud software with excellent support. When we switched to NaVetor, we went paperless at the same time. NaVetor was easy to learn and easy to get around in, and the support from Patterson was awesome. Highly recommend!"

Roberta Stueness, Head Technician

"Cannot say enough about NaVetor! The software is easy to use and intuitive. Best of all, the software is built and maintained by people who really care! They listen to us and always strive to make the software even better!"

Bradley Meixsell, Practice Manager

"Great Program. Overall, I think that this program has been very beneficial for us. We like that it is easy to use and pretty straight forward. If there is ever an issue, it is fixed in a timely manner. The support teams are wonderful!"

Amanda Scott, Practice Manager

"We opened with NaVetor in October 2019 and they have been with us every step of the way. Friendly help over the phone and easily accessible. Updates have corrected previous concerns and it just keeps getting better!"

Dr. Laura Cooper, Owner/Veterinarian

"I thought NaVetor was very easy to use and easy to navigate. Some software programs aren't very intuitive, but NaVetor was. I would definitely recommend it."

Kathi Schlitz, President

"It is a great system for record keeping!!!! The training was great, the implementation was easy, the customer service is awesome! I really can't say enough about this software system. I have implemented a lot of software systems in my career and this was one of the easiest and best systems out there."

Sherri Renner, Office Manager

What’s New from NaVetor?

Here you’ll find the latest enhancements, integrations, special offers, and helpful articles from NaVetor. You can also explore more software tips and trends in our blog.

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Sign up for NaVetor plus credit card processing or Vet Hero client communications and get a free data conversion. 

Five Ways to Save Time in a Busy Veterinary Practice

We all strive to have busy veterinary practices. But are we “good busy” or “bad busy”? Here are five ways that software can help you knock important tasks off that to-do list and feel productive and meaningful at the end of the day.

Say Hello to NaVetor’s Mobile App

Manage appointments, access client and patient information, send messages to other staff members, create invoices, and take payments.

Why type when you can talk?

Cut documentation time in half when you speak your notes rather than type them. NaVetor now integrates with Talkatoo dictation software!

eShelf Now Integrates with NaVetor

Save time and reduce inventory errors with Pattersons’ eShelf, which connects NaVetor to the Patterson inventory system. Save time and eliminate steps!

Server vs. Cloud Software: Which Is Best for You?

Which is less expensive in the long run, server-based software or cloud software? It pays to crunch the numbers based on your situation, so we’ve compiled some guidelines to help.

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Why Sea Turtles?

The software that helps you navigate your day also helps sea turtles navigate home.

For every purchase of NaVetor, we’ll donate $35 to the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles.

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