We believe you should be able to get everything done from within NaVetor software, rather than logging in to different systems to handle marketing, inventory, accounting, payments, and more. That means having the right integrations in place.

Below are the services that currently integrate with NaVetor, and the list continues to grow.

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Cut documentation time in half when you speak your notes rather than type them. NaVetor’s integration with Talkatoo uses speech-to-text capabilities to enter more than 200 words per minute – five times faster than typing speed. Super fast. Highly accurate. What would you do with a few extra hours each day? Learn more and try it free for seven days.


Client Communications and Practice Marketing

Successful veterinary practices take client communication and practice marketing seriously. Fortunately, so does ePET. Patterson’s ePET suite of client communication tools is designed to help you market your practice, increase compliance, drive revenue, and manage online reputation. From text and email reminders to online reviews, social media, and websites, ePET integrates beautifully with NaVetor.



Swipe your client’s credit or debit card to instantly process payments with integrated, secure payment processing. Thanks to an integration with Global Payments Integrated, this feature is already available in NaVetor. Simply turn it on within the software.



Save time. Eliminate manual data entry. And capture every charge. NaVetor now offers two-way integration with reference labs and laboratory equipment.

IDEXX VetConnect Plus

Antech Diagnostics and Imaging

Vetscan Fuse

Microchip Registration

Give pet owners the comfort of knowing that their pet’s microchip number is searchable on PetLink’s database, a valuable tool to reunite lost pets with their owners. Register your patients’ microchip numbers with PetLink right from NaVetor. When microchips are registered, the information is sent directly to the PetLink database.