And why veterinary software is similar

Without a doubt, our impression of the sea turtle on land isn’t one of grace and speed. But in the water — its natural environment — the sea turtle is elegance personified, navigating waters with ease and fluidity. 

At NaVetor, we think sea turtles are very cool. So cool, in fact, that we spotted several similarities between sea turtles and the way veterinary practice management software should function, which inspired our creation of our NaVetor software. Here are a few fun facts about sea turtles, which also relate to veterinary software. 

Fun Fact #1: The anatomy of sea turtles is much different than land turtles

Unlike their land turtle cousins, the sea turtle is unable to retract its head or appendages into its shell. Rather than legs, sea turtles have flippers, which makes them more graceful swimming under the water than when they come ashore to lay their eggs. 

Did you know that the gender of a sea turtle is dependent on the temperature of the egg nest? Warmer nests = females; cooler nests = males. But one of the most spectacular things about the air-breathing sea turtle is it can actually hold its breath for up to seven hours when sleeping. This is achieved by slowing down its breathing to one heartbeat every nine minutes.

Likewise, the anatomy of veterinary cloud software is much different than the anatomy of server software.

Cloud software is really a collection of servers offsite where software and data are stored, rather than storing software and data on a physical server onsite. This frees up space in your veterinary practice and adds security. It’s really the best way to store and back up critical information. If something should happen to your veterinary practice facility, all your data is safely stored elsewhere and can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.  

Because it’s managed from a central source, cloud software is also much easier to maintain and manage. Changes are made by the software provider and instantly appear the next time you log in. That’s much different than server software, where manual updates are required periodically. 

Fun Fact #2: They live an awfully long time.

Scientists believe that sea turtles have been around for about 110 million years. That’s when the first birds, ants, butterflies, and flowering plants began to appear on Earth and when dinosaurs still walked across the land. Today, sea turtles live for about 100 years – and lay about 100 eggs each time they nest. 

Likewise, good veterinary software should serve your practice for a long time.

Changing software is like having a heart transplant, so good veterinary software should grow with your practice and should be regularly updated to keep pace with the industry. NaVetor is robust and functional for today, but it’s also flexible—with cloud-based updates—to grow as your practice grows. We built NaVetor using advanced technology that can accommodate whatever the industry can dream up in the future.

Fun Fact #3: Sea turtles have a wonderful sense of direction. 

Forget about downloading online directions—get a sea turtle! 

Studies have shown that a sea turtle will imprint onto the magnetic field of the beach where it was born. It then uses the unique magnetic field signatures along the coast to navigate back to that same beach to lay its own eggs. The place that was safe for that sea turtle to be born is also likely safe for new eggs to be hatched. For a sea turtle, apparently you can go home again.  

Likewise, good veterinary software should help you navigate your business. 

NaVetor organizes your practice data and presents it to you in an easy-to-understand way, allowing you to make decisions quickly to better navigate your business.  NaVetor’s patient workflow tool maintains a quick snapshot view of everything happening within your veterinary practice at any given time. It even contains a client-friendly view that can be projected into your waiting room where clients can see the status of their pets. 

Similarly, NaVetor’s electronic medical records are designed to efficiently create and maintain paperless medical records for each patient. This helps you to make better decisions, manage treatment plans, and capture charges electronically. These patient records track SOAPs, treatments, and client communication, all in one place. NaVetor contains several common treatment plans to help you identify the best treatments for common issues. It also allows you to create templates for treatments you often prescribe, and to navigate your workflow without sacrificing quality care.

Fun Fact #4: Sea turtles can swim up to 22 mph under water 

Their streamlined body shape reduces drag in the water and helps them get where they need to go, fast. Just as the sea turtle can quickly maneuver under the water, practice management software for veterinarians should be fast and easy to navigate. NaVetor was designed with the speed of the operator in mind, whether it’s the veterinarian practice owner or a temp at the front desk. 

Key to NaVetor’s speed is the provision of intuitive workflows to minimize mouse clicks, saving everyone valuable time. Critical minutes saved by an efficient office can make a huge difference in profitability, customer satisfaction, and team happiness. 

Fun Fact #5: Sea turtles landscape the ocean floor

Seagrass is a part of the sea turtle diet. As they eat, they help manicure the seagrass, keeping it short on the ocean floors and providing an area for fish to breed more readily. It’s a critical part of keeping marine life healthy.

Though great veterinary software will not help you cut your lawn, it should help maintain the life and health of your veterinary practice. Yes, it makes running the day-to-day operation of your practice easier, but it also provides financial management tools that allow you to fully manage your business. 

NaVetor can also track your practice’s business metrics and performance indicators and export these reports onto Word, Excel or PDF files. Having access to this data will allow you to examine your strengths and weaknesses and adjust to ensure you thrive in a competitive environment.

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