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Use our handy formula to get a rough estimate on the savings possible by switching to NaVetor cloud software. Fill in the number of users in your practice, select Yes or No depending on whether you use an online backup service with your server software, and click Compare. Then check the ten-year chart to see how much you can save each year.

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Annual Savings

For server software, calculations include server cost of $3,500 and per workstation cost of $1,000, replaced every five years; one-time software cost of $6,000; and annual IT, tech support, and data backup costs of $7,800.

For NaVetor cloud software, calculations include average per laptop/tablet cost of $600, replaced every five years, plus monthly cost of software and Internet.


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Server Software Considerations

Server-based software requires several components, including:

  • The cost of the software itself (typically a one-time fee)
  • The cost of any related licenses, such as Microsoft® SQL
  • The cost of a server and one or more workstations
  • IT and networking support (because your workstations need to “talk” to the server)
  • Software annual support costs, for tech support and all updates
  • Offsite backup of your practice data

Cloud Software Considerations

When switching to cloud software, you will need:

  • A monthly cloud software subscription, which covers tech support, software updates, and online data backups.
  • One or more workstations. With cloud, you have more flexibility to use less expensive laptops and/or tablets as some of those workstations.
  • High-speed internet service.

The difference can add up to some healthy savings! Compare costs to see how much your practice can save. Or request a demo if you’d like to learn more about NaVetor cloud software.