With more than 50 software platforms serving the veterinary industry, it can be difficult to find the right fit for your practice … and the best value. Should you purchase your practice management software up front and own it for the next several years, or is it better to choose a cloud-based platform and pay a monthly fee? 

We can’t tell you which software is best for your specific practice, but we can show you the kind of value you get from the NaVetor cloud software system. NaVetor comes with low monthly payments; there’s no need to shell out a one-time large investment for software and hardware to meet specific requirements. So, what can users expect for that price? 

Robust features at a great value

NaVetor comes with all the features you would expect, including:

Quick-View Dashboards

With the ability to create different dashboards with different permissions and views depending on the different roles in a veterinary practice, you can consolidate all of the pertinent information into one single view for each role. Want to see upcoming appointments, checked-in patients, or have a single place to put all important staff information? NaVetor has you covered. 

Electronic Medical Records

Gone are the days of the filing cabinet. Everything your practice needs to survive and thrive is contained within the cloud-based NaVetor veterinary business management software. Along with complete patient records and treatments, it can store inventory, diagnoses, lab results, and scanned documents and images. It also provides treatment plan suggestions to aid you in evaluating and administering the best treatments for your patients.

Streamlined Billing

It’s hard enough running veterinary clinics without also having to be an accountant. NaVetor helps save you the hassle, as patient records are tied in to customer billing to help you easily manage the business side of operating your own business. Client charges are automatically captured as the services are performed. Need to create an estimate for a customer? NaVetor formulates estimates for recommended procedures, with expiration dates automatically set. The software platform can also track customer deposits in advance, without applying them to an existing past-due balance. It keeps individual customer invoices separate, so there is a clear financial dialogue with the customer about past, current and future services.  


Forget about yellow Post-it notes. NaVetor can easily help manage your practice’s inventory with order management. It will inform you when it is time to order and reorder products — from important cleaning supplies to surgical tools to pet treats. Featuring a streamlined approach, the software system allows anyone in the office to add or update any product or purchase order. Inventory management has never been this easy.  


With NaVetor’s comprehensive reporting feature, you can manage your practice and better identify areas to grow. And, all reports you create can be exported to Excel, PDF, or Word documents.

More tools included 

Other software platforms may charge extra for these tools, but they are included with your NaVetor subscription. 

Mobile App

Sometimes you aren’t near a computer and you need to check something with the practice. Well, there’s an app for that. With the NaVetor mobile app, you can view and modify your work schedule and change patient appointments after-hours. Sometimes a customer will call at night with a frantic emergency, but you’re sure it can wait until the morning. You can use the NaVetor mobile app to schedule an appointment and even view and edit patient information. Another interesting feature is the messaging function. Because not everyone is sitting at their workstation during the day, the NaVetor mobile app allows you to contact staff with a simple ping on their mobile device. 

Free Boarding Module

While other software platforms have an additional cost for a boarding module, NaVetor has you covered at no extra charge. It’s easy to set up and features an easy-to-view chart for boarding cages and rooms. Easily customizable, the boarding module will allow you to describe the boarding cage type, such as large dog cage, double-decker condo, cat castle — however you want to describe it, so everyone in your practice knows what you mean. The module helps manage a boarding calendar, billing and payments, and even notes veterinary appointments requested during the boarding time.


NaVetor is designed to provide everything a veterinary practice could need to operate a successful business and comes with extra integrations at no extra charge, such as the PetLink Microchip integration. When a pet is microchipped, you can log the microchip data directly with PetLink, though you will have to register your veterinary practice with PetLink first. 

Other integrations include Online Reputation Management, where you can send surveys specific to each client based upon the type of visit. You can post this feedback on your website and even encourage clients to post positive reviews on Google and Yelp.  

Payment Processing is another integration that’s included with NaVetor. NaVetor offers client security when customers swipe their debit or credit card, providing you with instant, integrated, secure payment processing via OpenEdge payments. NaVetor’s security includes encryption, tokenization, PCI and EMV standards.

Client Communication is a must in the veterinary field, and a NaVetor subscription comes with an integration with Patterson’s ePET Lite. You can easily send texts and email notifications to your customers to provide appointment reminders, health service reminders, or even birthday wishes. 

24/7 Technical Support

Should you require technical support, all you have to do is contact NaVetor via phone or email, any day at any time for answers. Easy access to the support team is also available through the NaVetor mobile app.

Backed by Patterson  

NaVetor is backed by Patterson Veterinary, a leading distributor of products, services and technologies to both the production and companion animal health markets in North America and the U.K. Among other things, Patterson is known for outstanding technical support, which can make a big difference in your veterinary practice management software experience over time. For NaVetor users, Patterson provides regular software updates via the cloud, 24/7 tech support, training, and fast responses to questions. 

Supporting the backbone of your practice, Patterson is dedicated to helping you transition to a cloud-based software and keep pace with industry advancements. At the beginning, you will be provided with a dedicated Customer Success Manager to be your main point of contact for all data conversion and training. After you complete your training, you will receive a dedicated Support Specialist for an additional three months to help provide a smooth transition. 

NaVetor helps veterinary practices navigate all aspects of their business with a balance of design, intelligence and ease of use. For more information, schedule your demo today.