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Why NaVetor?

NaVetor cloud software is a modern, efficient, beautifully easy way to streamline your workday and navigate your business. Its intuitive design allows you to see a quick snapshot of practice activity, maintain complete electronic medical records, manage the health of your business, and save time. And with a mobile app for your practice staff, a self-serve mobile app for your clients, an ever-growing list of integrations, and award-winning 24/7 tech support from Patterson, NaVetor is a great value, too.

Hear what customers say about us!

"NaVetor is an easy, intuitive cloud software with excellent support. When we switched to NaVetor, we went paperless at the same time. NaVetor was easy to learn and easy to get around in, and the support from Patterson was awesome. Highly recommend!"

Roberta Stueness, Head Technician

"Great Program. Overall, I think that this program has been very beneficial for us. We like that it is easy to use and pretty straight forward. If there is ever an issue, it is fixed in a timely manner. The support teams are wonderful!"

Amanda Scott, Practice Manager

"We opened with NaVetor in October 2019 and they have been with us every step of the way. Friendly help over the phone and easily accessible. Updates have corrected previous concerns and it just keeps getting better!"

Dr. Laura Cooper, Owner/Veterinarian

"I thought NaVetor was very easy to use and easy to navigate. Some software programs aren't very intuitive, but NaVetor was. I would definitely recommend it."

Kathi Schlitz, President

"I really can't say enough about this software system. I have implemented a lot of software systems in my career and this was one of the easiest and best systems out there."

Sherri Renner, Office Manager

"The fact that NaVetor has an app that I can use to put in all my invoices, take payments and send people their invoices online has been amazing."

Dr. Morganne Patterson, Owner/Veterinarian

"I was amazed how fast the team picked up the program without a lot of training. It seems to be intuitive at least for us. Overall I am very happy with my choice of NaVetor and feel it is a great value."

Dr. Richard Beisinger, Practice Owner

"Efficient and customizable. I like the direct integration with many other vendors/companies that I use as a veterinarian. I also appreciate having telemedicine and payment processing built right in."

Dr. Illiana Quimbaya, Practice Owner

What’s New from NaVetor?

Here you’ll find the latest enhancements, integrations, special offers, and helpful articles from NaVetor. You can also explore more software tips and trends in our blog.

How Healthy Is Your Data?

Practice health is tied to data health. Here are three ways that practice management software can help improve the health of your data.

Help Your Clients Say Yes to Care

Designed to save time and increase productivity, NaVetor’s new integration with CareCredit makes it easier to process transactions and help clients apply for the CareCredit credit card.

Five Software Integrations that Every Veterinary Practice Needs

Integrations increase both efficiency and productivity in a veterinary practice. You may already be using some of these important time-saving integrations, but others may surprise you.

Do More With Less: Increasing Efficiency

Have you felt increasing pressure to cram even more into an already packed day? We’re always on the hunt for ways to help veterinary practices save time. Consider these ways to boost efficiency.

Say Hello to NaVetor’s Mobile App

Manage appointments, access client and patient information, send messages to other staff members, create invoices, and take payments.

Why type when you can talk?

Cut documentation time in half when you speak your notes rather than type them. NaVetor now integrates with Talkatoo dictation software!

The Best Features, Built Right In

Save clicks and time with workflow management tools that keep you on track and help you move quickly from task to task.

  • View important information, consolidated within handy dashboards.
  • See upcoming appointments, checked-in patients, all-staff announcements and notifications.
  • Check patients in when they arrive – right from the dashboard.
  • Customize the appointment calendar to view single or multiple appointments, and facilitate easy check-in, blocking, scheduling, and rescheduling.
  • Manage boarded patients with the boarding module included with your subscription. Easily schedule, check-in, manage, check-out, and invoice boarded patients.
  • Use Treatment Sheets to manage patient care with automated checklists and task assignments.

Maintain a quick snapshot view of everything happening within your veterinary practice with NaVetor’s finger-on-the-pulse whiteboard.

  • See status, location, and appointment details of all checked-in patients.
  • Project a client-friendly view into your waiting room or on your website, where clients can see the status of their pets.

Efficiently create and maintain paperless medical records for each patient, so you can make better decisions, manage treatment plans and capture charges electronically.

  • Track patient visits, SOAP records, treatments, and client communication via phone/email/text – all in one place.
  • Check patients in right from the calendar, which also creates a ready-to-use SOAP record at the same time.
  • Identify, administer, and evaluate the best treatments possible with built-in treatment plans. Create templates for treatments you prescribe often to speed up your workflow.
  • Treatment plans are tied to invoicing, inventory and data analytics for a full picture of your business and financial health.

Save time. Eliminate manual data entry. And capture every charge. NaVetor now offers two-way integration with reference labs and laboratory equipment from IDEXX, Antech, and Zoetis. You can automatically request lab tests from the software and download results into the patient record.

Swipe your client’s credit or debit card to instantly process payments with integrated, secure payment processing. Within NaVetor, simply turn on the integration with Global Payments Integrated to enjoy:

  • The ability to accept credit and debit card payments from any workstation in your practice.
  • One of the industry’s most secure platforms, combining encryption, tokenization, PCI and EMV standards.
  • Real-time cloud-based reporting.
  • Around-the-clock customer service and tech support.

NaVetor now comes with two handy mobile apps – part of your software subscription! The internal NaVetor practice app allows you and your staff to complete most client-facing tasks, from check-in to check-out, on a phone or tablet. It’s the only veterinary software mobile app that allows you to:

  • Add new clients and patients, or add additional patients to an existing client
  • Check patients in and out
  • Update the medical record with findings, diagnoses, and treatments from an exam
  • Prescribe medicine
  • Create new invoices and accept payment

Tail HQ is NaVetor’s new mobile app for pet owners, which helps your clients help themselves. They can book appointments, request refills, access vaccination records, and more. Combined with NaVetor cloud software and the NaVetor practice mobile app, all three technologies work together to streamline workflow and improve client communication. It’s a trifecta for practice productivity.

Streamline administrative processes and easily manage the business side of practicing veterinary medicine.

  • Capture charges in the electronic medical record as services are performed within the treatment plan and automatically include them in the client invoice.
  • Easily create estimates for recommended procedures, with expiration dates automatically set.
  • Capture pet owner signatures electronically to verify acceptance of procedure costs.
  • Track deposits for certain procedures in advance, without applying them to an existing past-due balance.
  • Manage your business with comprehensive reporting. Any of NaVetor’s reports can be easily exported to .XLS, .PDF, or .DOC files.
  • View important key performance indicators that measure the health of your practice, such as performance by provider, patient compliance and more.

Save time and improve accuracy when you manage your inventory electronically. NaVetor’s intuitive, streamlined approach allows you to quickly and easily add or update the products you keep on hand.

  • Easily add an item to a purchase order or update products received.
  • Integration with eShelf connects you directly to the Patterson order process.
  • No extra modules to add. Comprehensive inventory management is built right in.

Great client communications is a hallmark of great veterinary practices. Easily send text and email reminders right from NaVetor, and use the handy integration with the ePET suite of client communication tools to help you market your practice, increase compliance, drive revenue, and manage online reputation.

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Ever-Growing List of Integrations

Designed to save time and increase productivity, CareCredit’s integration within NaVetor makes it easier to process transactions and help clients apply for the CareCredit credit card.

Easier to apply.

Client information is automatically transferred from NaVetor to the CareCredit application. When clients want to apply for a CareCredit credit card, simply type in a few fields and click “submit” to receive a credit decision within seconds*.

Easier to transact.

CareCredit credit card transactions can be processed directly from NaVetor and will automatically post back to the client ledger.


*Except for providers in California who are prohibited under state law from submitting applications on behalf of patients for certain healthcare loans or lines of credit, including the CareCredit credit card.

Save time and reduce inventory errors with Patterson’s eShelf, which now integrates with NaVetor. eShelf connects NaVetor to the Patterson inventory system, so inventory management steps can be eliminated and inventory fields can be automatically filled. Within NaVetor, you can:

  • Search for specific products within the Patterson electronic catalog
  • Add those products to purchase orders within NaVetor
  • Place orders directly with Patterson, right from NaVetor
  • Receive orders and update the inventory in NaVetor

Cut documentation time in half when you speak your notes rather than type them. NaVetor’s integration with Talkatoo uses speech-to-text capabilities with a specialized veterinary vocabulary to instantly transcribe the words you use every day. It’s easy to use, super fast, and highly accurate! What would you do with a few extra hours each day? Learn more by visiting

Successful veterinary practices take client communication and practice marketing seriously. Fortunately, so does NaVetor. Text and email reminders are built right in to NaVetor, and integrations with ePET and Weave client communication tools help you market your practice, increase compliance, drive revenue, and manage online reputation.

Swipe your client’s credit or debit card to instantly process payments with integrated, secure payment processing. Thanks to an integration with Global Payments Integrated, this feature is already available in NaVetor. Simply turn it on within the software.

Give pet owners the comfort of knowing that their pet’s microchip number is searchable on the Home Again and PetLink databases, a valuable tool to reunite lost pets with their owners. Register your patients’ microchip numbers right from NaVetor. When microchips are registered, the information is sent directly to the PetLink or Home Again databases.

NaVetor’s integration with Asteris’ Keystone PACS system connects with almost any modality-work-list-enabled digital x-ray system and provides immediate and secure access to your image files anytime, from anywhere. Access your diagnostic-quality images right from within the patient record utilizing our unique partner viewing technologies.

  • Eliminate missed charges when you capture billing for radiology studies upfront. This reduces potential revenue loss from your practice.
  • Save time and eliminate duplicate data entry. If your imaging systems are modality worklist (MWL) enabled, your patient data will automatically populate on the imaging acquisition software as well as the patient record.
  • Fewer clicks to patient images. A link to the images will appear in the patient record within NaVetor, so you never have to leave NaVetor to access your images. And you’ll have access to these images 24/7/365.

Save time. Eliminate manual data entry. And capture every charge. NaVetor now offers two-way integration with IDEXX VetConnect PLUS (in-house equipment and reference labs), Antech (reference labs), and Zoetis (in-house equipment.)

Antech Diagnostics and Imaging

Vetscan Fuse

The software that helps you navigate your day also helps sea turtles navigate home.

For every purchase of NaVetor, we’ll donate to the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles.

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