How to gain more freedom, flexibility, and efficiency in your veterinary practice

A few years ago, cloud software debuted in the veterinary industry. Some practices jumped at the chance to go serverless, enjoying the freedom of anytime, anywhere access to their software, automatic updates, monthly payments rather than up-front investments, and lower hardware costs. Others waited. Over time, more and more practices saw the value of cloud software, opting for the convenience and accessibility vs. their traditional server software, particularly if they hadn’t kept up with software updates. Today, cloud software in the veterinary industry is mainstream. Now, the flexibility and freedom of the cloud allows you to access customer and patient information through better mobile access. 

Mobile Defined

When we say mobile access, we’re not just talking about accessing your cloud software from any device … laptop, workstation, phone or tablet. We’re talking about a mobile app for phones and tablets that is downloaded to the device and set up according to your preferences, with your login credentials. Because they are downloaded to a phone or tablet and designed to work with that device, mobile apps often provide better performance and a better user experience than just using the browser version of your software on your phone.

Many other non-veterinary software platforms and online services use this same concept … a mobile app that lets you complete most tasks as well as if you were on a computer, and the tasks you complete on your mobile app automatically sync with the browser version of the software. Why not take advantage of that with your veterinary software? Think how this can save time and speed efficiency in your daily workflow. What if you could complete these basic tasks using a mobile app from anywhere, whether inside or outside of your practice:

  • Book an appointment for a client when you are away from the clinic, rather than asking the client to call the next day.
  • Check patients in using your phone, away from the front desk, to prevent bottlenecks.
  • Create an invoice and accept payment from a client while still in the exam room.
  • Forward book the client’s next appointment, before he or she leaves the exam room.

You’ll gain the flexibility to use your phone or tablet to efficiently complete patient exams and follow-up tasks, rather than being tied to a laptop or workstation. Whatever you complete in that mobile app will automatically show up in the software.

Enhancements to the NaVetor Mobile App

The NaVetor mobile app isn’t brand-new. But we’ve recently added more capabilities to the app so you can complete most client-facing tasks, from check-in to check-out, on a phone or tablet. It’s the only veterinary software mobile app that allows you to:

  • Add new clients and patients, or add additional patients to an existing client
  • Check patients in and out
  • Update the medical record with findings, diagnoses, and treatments from an exam
  • Prescribe medicine
  • Create new invoices and accept payment

In fact, many of the things you can do in the software can also be done in the mobile app.

Efficiency, Time Savings, Flexibility, and Freedom

The new NaVetor mobile app/cloud software combination is designed to give veterinary practices the most flexibility possible, allowing for maximum efficiency within different workflow preferences. If you want the freedom to move through your day or take field appointments with just your phone or tablet as your primary tool, the mobile app makes that easy. If you prefer to move from workstation to workstation to complete tasks, the browser version of NaVetor makes that possible. Having options like these gives you the ability to get the most done in the shortest amount of time. 


The NaVetor mobile app is free with your NaVetor software subscription, along with tech support, phone training, automatic updates, and data backups in the cloud. If you’re interested in learning more about NaVetor, request a demo or call us at 877-422-8838.

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