As a veterinarian, you know all too well how completing mundane, repetitive tasks each day leads to an enormous amount of “lost” time. While these tasks are necessary to run your practice, they relentlessly eat away at the clock. It’s also no secret that you could find far better ways to use that time in helping patients and their owners. The key to getting those hours back? Integrations!

Integrations increase both efficiency and productivity in your practice. Accessing other functions directly from your software rather than logging in and out of other platforms or websites eliminates steps and minimizes errors, ultimately saving you time … and money. You may already be using some of these important time-saving integrations, but others may surprise you.

1. In-House Lab Equipment and Diagnostic Tools.

When your software connects directly with your laboratory equipment, all of your lab work can be handled efficiently from one platform, reducing redundant entries and human error. You can easily request lab tests right from your software and then receive lab results back … right into the patient record. No missing lab results, and nothing mis-filed. It’s exactly why you want an integration—efficiency and convenience at your fingertips.

  • Tip: NaVetor veterinary software integrates with IDEXX VetConnect Plus, Zoetis Fuse, and Antech instruments, plus Asteris’ Keystone PACS for immediate and secure access to your image files anytime, from anywhere.

2. Payment Processing.

Long gone are the days of any service provider or professional not accepting credit card payments. Now, it’s a matter of how to most efficiently accept them in our increasingly mobile and fast-paced world. A payment solution that is integrated within your veterinary practice management software not only is easier to use, but also improves accuracy. You’ll have the ability to swipe your client’s credit or debit card and automatically receive payment for the invoice in your software. No more missing payments, multiple steps, or difficulty balancing drawers at night.

  • Tip: NaVetor integrates with Global Payments Integrated, combining encryption, tokenization, PCI, EMV, and mobile solutions to create one of the industry’s most secure and flexible platforms.

3. Reminders and Client Communication Services.

Reminders are the lifeblood of a veterinary practice – both for scheduling regular appointments and vaccinations as well as confirming upcoming appointments already booked. At any given time, pet owners are busy juggling conflicting tasks and priorities, so scheduling a veterinary appointment may be forgotten. Automated reminders decrease no-shows, especially when you communicate with clients based on their preferred communication method, whether it’s text, email, or phone.

Additionally, the ability for software to automatically send text and email reminders saves a huge amount of time for the staff. With more recent integrations, pet owners can book an appointment online, and that appointment will automatically appear in the appointment calendar. Further, it will automatically schedule reminders via email, text, mail, or automated phone call, helping decrease missed and cancelled appointments. That is truly “hands-off” for the front desk staff!

  • Tip: NaVetor integrates with Patterson’s Vet Hero and ePet client communications services, as well as Weave, to make all of these benefits possible.

4. Pet Microchip Databases.

This may seem like a surprising item to add to the list, but pet microchip databases like Home Again and PetLink are critical in helping lost patients reunite with their owners. According to American Humane, “Each year, approximately 10 million pets are lost in the United States, and millions of those end up in the nation’s animal shelters. Tragically, only 15 percent of dogs and 2 percent of cats in shelters without ID tags or microchips are reunited with their owners.”

To help increase those percentages and reunite more pets with their worried owners, software integrations with the major pet databases make it easy to register your patients’ microchip numbers. Once registered, the information is sent directly to a national database from your software, serving as an invaluable tool in making the sweetest reunions possible.

  • Tip: Navetor integrates with both Home Again and PetLink databases.

5. Accounting Software.

Believe it or not, tax time is right around the corner. While your software may run basic reports for accounts receivable, profit/loss, and cost/inventory, it’s often not enough for tax season. The ability to integrate directly with an accounting software like Quickbooks can be a huge timesaver during tax time and can help accountants who are experts in Quickbooks but not experts in veterinary software.

NaVetor continues to offer the most relevant and innovative technology solutions to veterinary practices, offering incredible time savings with newly discovered efficiencies. If you’re currently using NaVetor and would like more information on these integrations, feel free to contact support at, 833-NaVetor, or via the support chat link or “How Do I” feature in your software.

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