Thoughtful, Intuitive Design

Every detail thought through, to maximize efficiency and minimize steps.

NaVetor creates simplicity out of the complex.

Flexible, Quick-View Dashboards

Start here. Create different dashboards with different permissions and views for the different roles in your practice, where important information is consolidated into a single view.

  • See upcoming appointments, checked-in patients, all-staff announcements and notifications.

  • Check patients in when they arrive – right from the dashboard.

  • View important key performance indicators that measure the health of your practice, such as performance by provider, patient compliance, and more.

Customizable Appointment Calendar

NaVetor’s appointment calendar allows staff members to customize their displays and work quickly to schedule or reschedule appointments.

  • View single or multiple appointments by day, week, month, or by provider.

  • Easy check-in, blocking, scheduling and rescheduling.

  • Check patients in right from the calendar, which also creates a ready-to-use SOAP record at the same time.

  • See who’s ready for check out and invoicing.

Finger-on-the-Pulse Whiteboard

Maintain a quick, snapshot view of everything happening within your veterinary practice.

  • Shows status, location, and appointment details of all checked-in patients.

  • Contains a client-friendly view that can be projected into your waiting room or on your website, where clients can see the status of their pets.

Complete Electronic Medical Records

Designed to efficiently create and maintain paperless medical records for each patient, so you can make better decisions, manage treatment plans, and capture charges electronically.

  • Tracks patient visits, SOAP records, treatments, and client communication via phone/email/text – all in one place.

  • Integrates with inventory, diagnoses, and labs, and stores scanned documents and images.

  • Contains treatment plans to help you identify, administer, and evaluate the best treatments possible. Create templates for treatments you prescribe often to speed up your workflow.

  • Treatment plans are tied to invoicing, inventory, and data analytics for a full picture of your business and financial health.

Streamlined Billing and Financial Management

Comprehensive billing and financial management feature helps streamline administrative processes and easily manage the business side of practicing veterinary medicine.

  • Capture charges in the electronic medical record as services are performed within the treatment plan, and automatically include them in the client invoice.

  • Easily create estimates for recommended procedures, with expiration dates automatically set.

  • Capture pet owner signatures electronically to verify acceptance of procedure costs.

  • Track deposits for certain procedures in advance, without applying them to an existing past-due balance.


Manage your inventory electronically to take the guesswork out of ordering and reordering. NaVetor’s intuitive, streamlined approach allows you to quickly add or update the products you keep on hand. You can easily add an item to a purchase order or update products received. Comprehensive inventory management, built right in.


Manage your business with NaVetor’s comprehensive reporting feature. Any of your reports can be easily exported to .XLS, .PDF or .DOC files.

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