We all need to save time in our day. For veterinary practices, that usually means maximizing efficiency in the many day-to-day processes and procedures, especially during the busy summer months. But even in slower months, saving time and boosting efficiency is always in style. Here’s a closer look at five ‘fast features’ of practice management software that have proven to be especially helpful to practices … regardless of the month of the year.

And, because time is short, we promise that you can read this blog in five minutes or less!

Fast Feature #1: Microchip Integrations

Microchip integrations are great timesavers for both the client and the practice. In the past, far too many clients would forget or simply didn’t have time to register their pet’s microchip when they got home from their veterinary visit. But now, a quick and easy integration that sends chip information directly to the microchip databases saves time for them as well as the staff. No remembering or following up required! 

Quick note: NaVetor integrates with both the PetLink and HomeAgain databases for better client compliance and efficiency when it comes to microchips.

Fast Feature #2: Inventory Timesavers

It’s no surprise that inflation is on everyone’s mind. As the cost of inventory continues to increase, so do the frustrations and concerns of the veterinary staff. Additionally, many practices are losing money on inventory items because they are selling products at a price lower than the rising cost. This occurs when selling prices aren’t regularly updated in the software to match changing inventory costs.

We recommend the following tips to save time and minimize inventory errors:

  1. Always have data entered in your software’s Minimum Threshold, Reorder Quantity, and Optimal Quantity fields. This is a great timesaver to ensure your practice consistently has the needed inventory on hand, preventing last-minute rush shipping charges.
  2. In the Fee Schedule, set up the “highest” item in unit cost, and then add a set percent increase in the unit price. That way, when products are received into inventory and the cost is added to the software, the selling price will automatically update when the purchase price is updated.
  3. Finally, if you are using a distributor-integrated ordering service, be sure to import the product codes into your inventory feature and purchase orders, making online ordering and delivery even faster and easier. 

Quick note: NaVetor integrates with Patterson’s eShelf to simplify and speed up inventory management. 

Fast Feature #3:  Key Links from the Search Menu

The top search bar is always a handy way to quickly pull up information about clients and patients, but you can leverage additional shortcut links from the search bar to save even more time. For example, in NaVetor, once the client or patient appears in the search, you’ll see buttons for “Notes” and “Invoices.” You can access either feature right from the search bar rather than opening the record and selecting from the menu listing. You can even click the plus sign next to the “Invoices” button to quickly create a new invoice.

Fast Feature #4: Patient Tracking

Most veterinary practice management software platforms have whiteboards or patient tracking screens to help you keep track of the status of all patients inside the clinic at any given time. This is a fast feature in and of itself, but we’ve made it even faster! In NaVetor, simply click on the red or green plus sign next to the patient’s name in Patient Tracking and select one of the short links to jump to the treatment sheet, check in or out, and take advantage of a few other quick features. 

Fast Feature #5: Online Appointment Requests

Requesting online appointments is a huge timesaver for both clients and the front desk. The problem is that not all veterinary practices want to give up control of their appointment calendar. That’s understandable. And fortunately, you may not have to. In NaVetor, once a client requests an appointment from some of the available times via the widget on your website or the new Tail HQ client mobile app (which comes with your NaVetor subscription), you’ll see a notification in your NaVetor software and your NaVetor practice mobile app. That notification will show the pending appointment request. You can accept that time or move the appointment to a different time. This way, you are always in control of your schedule and calendar.

Remember, small adjustments can add up to huge savings over time. Keeping you efficient and your patients and clients happy should be the top priority of all software programs.  

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