Sea turtles are as much a part of the NaVetor brand as efficiency, ease of use, and great support. Yet we didn’t just choose them because they’re cool or cute (although, they’re both!). Instead, we chose sea turtles to inspire NaVetor veterinary cloud software because in many ways their strengths serve as examples for great veterinary practice management software. Here are the top five reasons we love sea turtles:

1. Sea Turtles are the Ocean’s Best Navigators

Sea turtles have an extraordinary sense of direction. With their own internal GPS using the earth’s magnetic field, they effortlessly navigate through the vast ocean waters with ease and grace. In fact, no matter how many thousands of miles away, females have the ability to navigate back to the exact beach where they were born to lay their own eggs. How’s that for a sense of direction?

Just like navigation is instinctual for sea turtles, NaVetor makes it instinctual for veterinarians to navigate their practices. NaVetor helps you by providing the tools needed to make decisions quickly. With data effectively organized and the convenience of a variety of integrations built in, NaVetor makes it easy to navigate from one application to another and then get back again quickly. It also helps navigate workflow with easy-to-use treatment plans.

2. Sea Turtles are Fast Swimmers

Let’s put aside, for a moment, our image of the Tortoise and the Hare and the slow-moving cousin of the sea turtle who makes his home on land. Sea turtles couldn’t be more different, as they can swim up to 22 miles per hour! The particular shape of their bodies reduces drag in the water and quickly gets them where they need to go.

NaVetor similarly helps veterinarians swiftly maneuver throughout their days so they can accomplish more. NaVetor was designed with intuitive, efficient workflows in mind. And consolidating important information into a single view means less clicks. Less clicks mean more minutes saved per day and more hours saved per week. Imagine how many more pets you could care for and how much more profitable your practice could be with all of that newly found time.

3. Sea Turtles Help Maintain their Environment

Green sea turtles have plant-based diets, with the seagrass on the ocean floor serving as one of their favorite meals. By keeping seagrass short, they provide a more conducive area for fish to breed and prevent taller seagrass from harming other marine creatures. Essentially, their eating habits help keep marine life healthy.

We built NaVetor with functions that streamline operations, billing, and financial management, specifically with the health of your veterinary practice in mind. Like the sea turtle eating seagrass, we help operations run smoother and provide financial management tools to allow you to manage your practice more easily. With NaVetor’s ability to track KPIs and run comprehensive financial reports, you can regularly access data to help you spot issues before they develop into problems – a proactive approach to maintaining your practice’s health.

4. Sea Turtles Live a Long Time

Sea turtles live for about 100 years and lay about 100 eggs each time they breed. A life like that stands for durability, longevity, and endurance. NaVetor stands for the same characteristics.

Veterinary software should help your practice for a long time. Implementing a new software system takes time, resources, and money. Great practice management software should be updated and enhanced regularly by the company that stands behind it, so it can grow with your practice. Sticking with one software system for a long time helps you grow your practice without interruption. We built NaVetor to grow with your practice, with robust features and functionality, and we’re constantly updating and enhancing the software in the background, so you never outgrow your software.

5. Sea Turtles Have Great Memories and Their Own Personalities

A study out of Australia found that not only do sea turtles have great memories, but they also have individual personalities. During the trials conducted, they remembered what behaviors would get them a reward and were able to repeat those behaviors. The study also found that no two turtles behaved in exactly the same way given certain stimuli, lending itself to the belief that they have individual personalities.

Likewise, NaVetor is built to “remember more” about you and your practice. It includes a new integration with Talkatoo dictation software, powered by artificial intelligence (AI). As such, the more you use it, the better it remembers your own medical jargon. Plus, all of NaVetor’s views are customizable for the different roles in your practice, so each person can quickly access the information he or she needs to quickly move through the day.

With so much to love, it’s no wonder we chose sea turtles to inspire NaVetor and represent the brand. And, for each sale of NaVetor, we make a donation to the Texas Sealife Center to aid in the rescue and rehabilitation of endangered sea turtles.

Want to learn more about NaVetor (or sea turtles)? Contact us today to find out what else there is to love.