Hardware and Internet Guidelines

Below are common questions that people ask when preparing to use NaVetor in a practice. The suggestions on hardware and internet are general recommendations. Be sure to check with your IT Professional for specific recommendations for your practice, based on the number of people and devices that will be utilizing these resources.

I have some computers that run versions of Windows prior to Windows 7. Can I use these computers with NaVetor?

Keep in mind that the speed of the computer you are using will dictate how quickly ANY browser will respond. NaVetor will work on the following types of devices—desktop computers, laptops and tablets.

IMPORTANT:  You want to make sure that the operating system of your device still receives security updates. So, it is NOT recommended to use a version of Windows that no longer receives security updates, such as Windows 7 or older. To be able to efficiently print items such as labels, it is recommended that you have at least one desktop computer.

How much internet bandwidth do I need to run NaVetor?

First, consider how many employees you have that will be accessing the internet. This covers all tasks beyond NaVetor. Are employees using your WIFI for their phones? Are you displaying any educational videos that might be internet-based for your customers or employee training? Do you utilize any programs that send large quantities of emails, etc?

As a general rule, if you have up to 10 users, your minimum speed should be 3megabits per second. However, you need to factor in other devices in the practice that could be using your bandwidth, as detailed above. Because of this, we recommend that you get with your internet provider and discuss with them the programs and tools you’ll need to use across the internet. This will help them determine the best speed to provide for your business.

Also, ensure that firewall settings do not interfere with NaVetor.

What internet browser can I use with NaVetor?

NaVetor works with the major browsers available today—Google Chrome®, Firefox® and Safari®. The latest version of Google Chrome® is the recommended browser to use.

What printers can I use with NaVetor?

NaVetor works with most printers on the market today. For label printing, it is recommended to use a Dymo® Model 400 or 450. Since the Dymo® printers don’t attach to tablets, you need to have at least ONE desktop computer to facilitate printing labels.