Are you considering a software switch to NaVetor? Are you worried about ensuring that your practice data will transfer smoothly?

The data conversion process doesn’t have to be daunting. Our conversion team has lots of experience helping veterinary practices through the process, and we try to make it painless for you and your staff, with just a few check-in spots to ensure that your data is transferred successfully. It’s also helpful to have just one software contact to work with during the conversion process, rather than being bounced from person to person.

For practices switching to NaVetor, we make the process smooth — even enjoyable. Here is a summary of the NaVetor data conversion process, which takes about six weeks from start to finish.

Step 1: Meet your customer success manager

After you sign up for NaVetor, you are assigned to a customer success manager, who stays with you during the entire data conversion process. His or her job is to make sure everything stays on track and to serve as one point of contact for you.

Step 2: Access your current data

If you are transitioning over from another cloud software, this part should be easy. Simply request your data from your current cloud software provider. Your practice data should come in a .csv or .txt file, which we can easily upload into NaVetor.

If you are transitioning from a server-based software platform, our conversion team will use a data extraction tool to access your practice data from your server and import it into NaVetor. We do recommend that you keep a backup copy of your data on hand, and continue to back it up each night as you normally would, until the conversion process is complete. 

Step 3:  Review a sample of your data for accuracy

Before we import all of your data into NaVetor, we want to make sure it translates successfully. So we’ll import a test batch into NaVetor and ensure that all fields match up where they should. Then we’ll provide you with a sample for you to review. This is your chance to make sure everything looks right.

If something doesn’t transfer over correctly, we’ll troubleshoot, fix the problem, and then provide you with another data sample to review. Once the sample looks good, we’ll import the rest of your data into NaVetor and make sure it translates properly.

Step 4:  Start your training

The six-week period during which your data is being imported and translated is a great time to start your software training! During this time, we’ll help you get a jump start on the basics, such as creating a client and patient record, scheduling an appointment, creating a SOAP record, and managing an exam from start to finish. This will help you get up and running as soon as possible.

Step 5:  Plan your NaVetor kickoff day, and meet your key account representative 

Your data has been successfully transferred over, and you’ve learned how to use NaVetor. Now it’s time to schedule your NaVetor kickoff day! We’ll also help you import any additional practice data that transpired between the first data extraction and your go-live day.

At this point, you say goodbye to your customer success manager and hello to your key account representative, who will help you with any questions over the next 90 days as you complete your training and get up and running with NaVetor.

See, that’s not as intimidating as you thought, is it? Data conversion doesn’t have to be painful, and we help you every step of the way. If you have any questions about the data conversion process, contact us.