Want a Customized Software Experience? Try Changing Your Software Settings

We all like it when things are customized to our own specific needs. After all, why wouldn’t we? With customization, we can have solutions that match our requirements seamlessly. And for veterinary practices, customized software to fit their unique workflow would be ideal.

Unfortunately, getting a customized practice management software platform is cost prohibitive for most practices. Very few practices are able to afford a software platform that was designed just for them. So, many think that’s the end of the customized software story.

But is it?

Making life easier doesn’t have to go as far as designing your own complex, customized software. In fact, it can be as simple as changing some settings in your current software to create a more customized feel. In doing so, it can serve your needs better and save you time in the long run. Here are the most common areas of the software that can be altered in settings.


Invoicing has numerous options that can be turned on or off to customize the look of your invoices, as well as how they are delivered. In most cases, you can simply check the boxes of information you want included and uncheck the ones you don’t, including payment receipts, reminders, future appointments, provider notes, and comments. Some practices also like to include recommendations that were declined by the client to prevent them from later claiming that they were never offered certain treatment options.

Once these settings are changed, it’s always recommended to print a sample invoice to ensure the appearance is what you intended. In NaVetor, you can also check the printing configuration to enable printing in the right places for window envelopes by clicking on “Envelope print,” and click the “Email invoice” option after payment for an email to be sent automatically. Each of these options saves minutes that add up to hours at the end of the week.


Messaging on Estimates, Reminders, and other documents can also be customized. On Estimates, some software platforms offer options include disclaimers, custom disclaimers, or expiration dates of prices provided, helping to protect your practice without you even having to spend a minute thinking about it. With Upcoming Reminders, options may include setting up the number of days in advance for the reminder, as well as the color for upcoming reminders in the patient dashboard, providing a great visual cue for the front desk if time is of the essence.

SOAP and Reporting

Autosaving SOAP notes can be extremely helpful with cloud software, especially when multiple staff members are in and out of the same patient record at the same time. With autosave selected in Settings, you know when other changes are made, and you can rest assured that your changes don’t get erased when someone else is working in the same area.

Deciding to autoload default physical exam templates can be another huge timesaver. There are also options for selecting which items on the SOAP will be automatically printed or emailed, which is particularly helpful when sending records to specialists. In NaVetor, the same is true for the Pet Health Card, which can be customized with vaccination, medication, lab, and allergy history; visit reason; vitals; assessment; objectives; and prescription, vaccinations, and other plans, before being sent to clients.

These are just a few of the many changes that can be made in the Settings area of your software to make your life (and your staff’s lives) easier. In NaVetor, here are a few other options that can be edited to fit your workflow and preferences:

  • Travel Sheet fields to include visits, weight, vaccinations, or medication (you decide how much or how little you want printed)
  • Outside pharmacy prescriptions (check boxes for license, DEA, and report disclaimers)
  • SMS and email signatures (to customize how you want them to look with your font, colors, and logo).

Creating customizations through settings is just one of the ways we like to keep you organized and efficient, making life easier. If you’re looking for a new cloud software platform, request a demo or a free trial!