This time of year, we spend more time, money, and energy finding the perfect holiday gifts than we’d like to admit. With a keen eye on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and countless other ways to save a dollar here or there, it’s easy to get lost in the spirit of giving … and saving. But maybe it’s time to shift some of that time, money, and energy to yourself and your veterinary practice, making things easier and faster on your staff and benefitting your bottom line.

This holiday season, consider these four technology gifts that will keep on giving well into 2022 and beyond:

1. Mobile App for Your Veterinary Software

Let’s face it – we’re always on the move and we’re always online. Mobile apps were developed for those very reasons, allowing you to complete most tasks as if you were sitting at your computer in the office. If your software offers a corresponding mobile app, using it can be a great gift to yourself.

For example, using the newly enhanced NaVetor mobile app on phone or tablet, you can efficiently and accurately complete a wide range of tasks, including checking patients in and out, updating medical records and treatments, invoicing and accepting payments, sending messages to other staff members, and contacting support.

Since the mobile app provides the flexibility to accommodate your workflow and work preferences, you no longer have to plan around workstation availability. And by allowing transactions to occur from anywhere, the NaVetor mobile app has really helped facilitate curbside care.

2. Dictation Software

We all need to save time where we can. One of the areas where you spend much of your time each day is patient notes. That’s where dictation software can be a great technology upgrade.

Imagine the ability to just speak your medical notes rather than type them, from wherever you are. Sitting at a computer for hours typing out handwritten notes essentially becomes a thing of the past.

There are a few dictation software products on the market, and many integrate with the industry’s leading practice management software platforms. For example, NaVetor integrates with Talkatoo to offer cloud-based, innovative speech-to-text capabilities. Talkatoo is a user-friendly, voice dictation solution designed for veterinary practices. It can translate over 200 words a minute (that’s five times the average human typing speed), has a built-in medical dictionary and a customizable vocabulary database, and is HIPAA compliant.

3. Inventory Integrations

Do you have too much or too little product on hand? Or maybe you need extra cash because so much of it is tied up in products sitting on your shelves. These are just some of the many inventory management challenges for veterinary practices, which can be time-consuming and extremely frustrating.

Inventory ordering systems that integrate with your practice management software can be an amazing time-saver, such as NaVetor’s integration with Patterson’s eShelf. With inventory fields automatically completed, cumbersome, manual inventory management steps (including the risk of missteps) can be eliminated. Users can search for specific products within the Patterson online catalog, add those products to purchase orders, place orders directly with Patterson through NaVetor, and receive orders electronically back in to NaVetor, which automatically updates the inventory counts. Say goodbye to inventory challenges and hello to some extra free time.

4. Dashboards with Key Performance Indicators

The ability to access key tasks from one central location adds up to real time savings. Think of each time you click as another second lost. Having everything you need on one screen means less clicking and more time for other more important tasks. And the ability to easily keep tabs on the health of your practice through key performance indicators (KPIs) is a real gift to yourself.

VetSuccess is a very handy platform for going above and beyond the basic KPI capabilities in your veterinary software and gaining access to additional  data measuring your profitability, compliance levels, and more. Soon, NaVetor veterinary software will integrate with VetSuccess to help you work smarter but not harder.

Right from your software, you can take advantage of enhanced reports and extended dashboards to make informed decisions backed by real-time data, including the Practice Overview Report (insights into your practice’s overall performance in revenue, patient activity, and customer service) and the Compliance Tracker (an interactive monthly report focusing on preventive care protocol, with filters, trendlines, benchmarks, and bonus appendices).

NaVetor continues to offer relevant and innovative technology solutions to veterinary practices. And improved productivity and connectivity result in more effective, faster decision-making and accelerated growth. So, this year, give your practice the gifts that give back to you – both time and peace of mind.