Our goal at NaVetor is to make veterinarian practices run as smoothly as possible by continually evolving, improving, and offering new features with more flexible options. To that end, NaVetor now has three key components—the cloud software, the practice mobile app, and the client mobile app. While distinct, all three work together seamlessly, allowing for maximum efficiency in efforts such as scheduling appointments, managing correspondence with clients, and managing task delegation within the practice.

Scheduling Appointments

Allowing clients to schedule appointments through a mobile app or the website is extremely efficient. However, some veterinarians resist this practice because they feel as if they would have to relinquish control of their schedule. And that’s understandable. Most veterinary practices want to have final approval on when appointments get scheduled and changed.

As always, practice management software solutions flexed to meet this demand. Today, many of them allow clients to request appointments in some way and then provide the practice with the ability to confirm or reschedule those appointments. For example, NaVetor’s client mobile app (called Tail HQ) and the NaVetor website widget allow clients to request available appointment times, which are then highlighted on the scheduler in draft form.

Practitioners can then click on the draft appointment and either confirm the appointment or offer a different time altogether by selecting “Send a personal message.” This message can be sent either via text message or email, depending on the client’s preferences. But in either case, it can be done quickly, without stopping to pick up the phone.

In NaVetor, there will also soon be a separate Appointment Requests section where staff members can see all appointment requests that have come through in one convenient place, allowing for even greater control over the schedule. These innovations give the practice some control back, while continuing to improve efficiency by alleviating the ringing phones and frazzled staff at the front desk.


Client Communications Management

Tail HQ is NaVetor’s new pet owner app, free with a NaVetor subscription. Tail HQ works seamlessly with NaVetor cloud software and the NaVetor mobile app for practice staff. With it, practitioners can streamline workflows, decrease staff workloads, improve efficiency and client communications, and create a better client experience.

In addition to requesting appointments during a certain day and time, clients can accomplish a number of other tasks through the app that eliminate extra phone calls and emails to the front desk. With Tail HQ, they can easily access reminders of upcoming services due, obtain health and rabies certificates, and correspond with veterinarians and staff members. On the practice side, veterinarian staff can receive client inquiries and respond directly through the NaVetor mobile app, rather than making unnecessary calls throughout the busy day.


Managing Tasks

Practice management software is a great place to manage and delegate medical tasks for specific patients throughout the day and even the entire week, such as feeding and medication times. In this way, no task gets overlooked. In the task area of the platform, practitioners can assign and delegate tasks to other staff members quickly and efficiently. Making delegation even easier for veterinarians and office managers is a huge timesaver in a number of ways:

  • It provides the ability to see all tasks in one place to ensure work is evenly distributed among staff members.
  • It helps manage the workload of staff members.
  • It tracks progress on when tasks are assigned and when they are completed.

Further, there is no need to chase staff members down in the practice to communicate added tasks on their plate. The assigned task just shows up in a staff member’s notifications and dashboard when they are signed into NaVetor, either in the cloud software or in the NaVetor mobile app, making the entire process easier for everyone.

If you’re currently using NaVetor and would like more information on these solutions, feel free to contact support at support@navetor.com, 833-NaVetor, or via the support chat link or “How Do I” feature in your software. If you’d like to explore whether NaVetor is right for your practice or request a demo, contact our sales team at 833 NaVetor (628-3867) or sales@navetor.com.