It can be daunting to keep up with the demands of a busy veterinary practice. Endless to-dos await the staff each morning. From emergency visits to rescheduled appointments to fulfilling medications and placing products on the shelves, the days are overflowing with activities that are seemingly all top priorities. It can be difficult, and sometimes overwhelming, to keep everything organized.

One solution to these challenges can be found right within the software you use each day. We all need to save time here and there, and that is exactly what your software can do for you… if you know the shortcuts. We’ve put together some little-known tips and tricks to streamline your workflow in NaVetor.

1. Multi-tasking with Multiple Tabs

We all multitask. It doesn’t seem like an option most times. Rather, it’s a necessity to fit everything into our jam-packed days. Switching tasks continuously eats up time. For example, if you are working on inventory in your software and then have to help a client, you likely have to close out the inventory tab to get to patient files, then start all over again when you make your way back… or so you thought. With NaVetor, you have the ability to have multiple tabs open in a browser, much like Google (email, calendar, drive, etc.). Multiple tabs enable multi-tasking efficiently.

When selecting a command from the left-hand navigation in NaVetor, you can right-click and select the option to “Open in a new tab.” This allows you to work in inventory and jump to patient files without losing your place. It also allows you to have multiple SOAP records open at any time. Toggling back and forth by clicking on an open tab can be a huge time-saver. The practices using this feature love it! It may seem intuitive, but the minutes saved by not having to click to find different screens can really add up.

2. Shortcuts to Invoices or Notes in Menus

Imagine this scenario—you have a client on the phone, a waiting room full of patients, and several people waiting in line to talk to you at the front desk. Chances are you need Notes or Invoices for a majority, if not all of them. In these crunch situations , you can easily click on them directly from the patient page to instantly create an invoice or to make notes for that patient. The Paw Menu in the upper right corner of NaVetor’s software allows you to go right to recent screens for patients. Right clicking on those choices will open them up in new tabs, eliminating a slew of clicks.

Right-click functionality is fairly common in server software but not nearly as common in browser-based (cloud) software, but we’ve mirrored some of this functionality in NaVetor. Within the software, patient tracking shows a list of patients currently in the practice for appointments. You can right click on the red (patient in the hospital) or green (outpatient) plus symbol to pull up other options, such as an invoice, treatment sheet, or SOAP to name a few. You can also click on the appointment in the calendar for a full list of options. Each time you right click on an option, that page will open in a new tab. No extra clicks to go back and forth between the records.

When patient information is shown in blue, however, you will not be able to right click to open in a new tab. But by clicking on the patient’s name itself, NaVetor will guide you directly to all encounters with that patient, so you still have the additional information at your fingertips.

3. Quick Visit Status Changes

It’s no surprise that making status changes is a regular part of the day or that it can be another major time investment if you don’t know the shortcuts around it. From the Scheduler menu, you can click to see your options, such as confirming the appointment or navigating to the patient dashboard or whiteboard. And once again, when you right click your option, it will open in a new tab.

NaVetor makes it easy to discharge a patient because the information is immediately available in the Scheduler. The patient information will turn gray, so that everyone immediately knows that this particular patient was discharged and is no longer in the hospital. The staff is aware of the location of all patients at any given time. Additionally, the patient will immediately be removed from the whiteboard but will be listed on the discharge screen. One click results in multiple tasks being completed, including communication with other staff members.

Remember, small adjustments just like these add up to huge savings in time. Keeping your practice organized while ensuring your patients and clients are happy is one of NaVetor’s top priorities. NaVetor simply makes life in a veterinary practice easier.