Are you looking to improve workflows and accomplish more with less this year? (Who isn’t?) The NaVetor team is constantly thinking of ways to help you improve your practice efficiency with software and technology. We’ve added several enhancements to NaVetor during 2023, but these three seem to be the most popular and the most helpful for improving efficiency.

#1 Weave Integration

Launched earlier this year, this all-in-one client communications and engagement platform delivers a suite of products designed to enhance client communications for veterinary practices. And now, Weave integrates with NaVetor, enabling practices to:

  • Sync text preference, ensuring that text reminders are only sent to those clients who have opted in.
  • Sync veterinarian/provider details, so you can view practitioner details tied to each appointment.
  • Sync appointment types and appointments, helping you view the appointment details of a pet along with the type of appointment, such as sick pet, consultation, and vaccination.
  • Upcoming vaccinations and reminders. Easily view any past and upcoming vaccinations for a particular patient.
  • Confirmation write backs and status mapping, so you can confirm or cancel appointments by replying to the message received from the client and view the appointment status within Weave.
  • Keep a record of all messages received from a client.

#2 Asteris Integration

This PACS integration streamlines the creation of a complete electronic medical record by connecting with almost any modality-work-list-enabled digital x-ray system and providing immediate and secure access to image files anytime, from anywhere. That means you can access diagnostic-quality images right from within the patient record. That helps you: 

  • Eliminate missed charges. When billing for radiology studies is captured upfront, veterinarians are less likely to miss charges. This reduces potential revenue loss from the practice.
  • Save time and eliminate duplicate data entry. If imaging systems are modality-worklist (MWL) enabled, patient data will automatically populate in the imaging acquisition software as well as the patient record.
  • Fewer clicks to patient images. A link to the images will appear right in the patient record within NaVetor, making the images easily accessible anytime.

#3 Tail HQ

This new mobile app for clients is simple … and free. With Tail HQ, clients have the ability to help themselves with powerful “self-serve” capabilities. 

For example, clients can request appointments through the app rather than calling the practice. This gives them some freedom and flexibility over their appointments without you losing control over your appointment calendar. Not only does it benefit clients to be able to request appointments from their mobile devices, but it also simultaneously alleviates bottlenecks at the front desk. It is as simple as the client requesting the appointment and the request appearing in your NaVetor notifications. 

Other great features in the mobile app include:

  • Handy dashboard showing upcoming appointments, reminders, and refills. (Tip – red means overdue!)
  • Refill request allowing clients to easily refill medication from the app.  
  • Account balance, where clients can easily see if any money is owed.
  • Access to vaccination and health reports.  

If you’re already using these three integrations, that’s great! Keep up the good work. If not, feel free to take some time to investigate these integrations and see if they can make you more productive in 2024 and beyond. We have more great things coming in 2024, so stay tuned!