Who Needs a Keyboard?

Lately, it seems we are all trying to make up for lost time, or squeeze more activities into the little time we have. Veterinary practices, in particular, have had a year of workflow disruptions that have forced them to be more strategic with time management. But even under the most typical circumstances, who doesn’t want to save some time?

In running a veterinary practice, completing ordinary tasks often takes extraordinary amounts of time each day—time that could be better utilized caring for patients. And one task that tends to ruthlessly eat away at the clock is medical documentation. While necessary for effective charts, records, and treatment of patients, it can be exceedingly time-consuming, eating into early morning and late-night hours with catchup. But what if there was a faster way to enter those notes? What if you could stop all the typing and simply speak your notes, capturing complete and accurate notes in far less time?

The Magic of Voice Dictation

NaVetor now offers a cloud-based, innovative speech-to-text solution, easing the note-taking burden with its new Talkatoo integration. Talkatoo is a user-friendly, voice dictation solution designed for veterinary practices, which allows practitioners to speak their notes directly into a computer or laptop. This capability may render the days of sitting at a particular workstation for hours methodically typing out handwritten notes as obsolete.

The power of speech-to-text in a veterinary practice is invaluable, saving time each day and with each appointment through the ability to speak medical notes rather than type them. The software translates the voice to text directly into the medical notes, so that chart notations are captured quickly and accurately. And with the integration with NaVetor, the entire process is seamless.

How it Works

According to Talkatoo, the software can translate over 200 words a minute—five times the average human typing speed. It not only has a built-in medical dictionary (with over 4,300 words and growing), but it also features a customizable vocabulary database called “My Words.” To help ensure your notes are translated accurately and quickly, it understands a wide range of accents from around the country and from around the world. Talkatoo is powered by artificial intelligence (AI), so the more you use it, the better it understands your own speech nuances.

NaVetor continues to offer the most relevant and innovative technology solutions to veterinary practices. Since we type faster than we write, and we speak faster than we type, this equals huge time savings for a veterinary practice. What can you do with a few extra hours a day? After all, who needs a keyboard, when you can talk your way to accurate, meticulous medical notes?

If you’re currently using NaVetor and would like more information on the Talkatoo solution, feel free to contact support at support@navetor.com, 833-NaVetor, or via the support chat link or “How Do I” feature in your software. You can also try Talkatoo free for seven days!

If you’d like to explore whether NaVetor is right for your practice or request a demo, contact our sales team at 877-422-8838 or sales@navetor.com.