Our goal is to consistently make life easier for veterinary practices. So we not only listen to feedback from our users on new features they would like to see in the software, but we also take action on that feedback. These recommendations have proven to make an enormous difference in the overall NaVetor user experience.

If you’re not aware of some of the most popular new additions to NaVetor within the past year, we’ve compiled the following rundown:

1. Medical Record Enhancements

The System Exam can now be removed from individual SOAPs. Sometimes a system exam isn’t completed during a patient visit. With this new feature, users are allowed to remove the section to make it easier to navigate through the SOAP process during and after the visit.

2. Adding Patient Weight to the Top Banner

Previously, in order to see a patient’s weight, users had to click into the Medical Record, which took a few extra steps. Now, the patient’s weight is readily viewable right in the top banner of the patient record—another great way to save steps, clicks, and time.

3. Recall Worklist

Whenever staff members need to pull up previous worklists to stay on top of tasks, they can now go to Medical Records in the menu and select Recall Worklist. This makes it much easier to immediately find worklists from a certain date or during a certain timeframe. Worklists can also easily be printed from a specified day or days.

4. Practice Settings

We’ve also made several adjustments to Practice Settings to enable users to create a more customized feel. Those adjustments include:

  • Adding or deleting items on invoices, such as invoice summaries; adjusting names; printing attached documents; and declining items, among others.
  • Specifying which information should be displayed on the Travel Sheet, including number of prior visits, weight charts, vaccinations, and comments sections.
  • Adding options for customizing Client Statements.

5. Reporting Adjustments

Many practices export their reports to Excel. However, it was not always the most efficient process in NaVetor, prompting requests for adjustments to the Export feature. Reports are now exported to Excel in a cleaner fashion, so less “cleanup” is required to remove headings and formatting. Additionally, practices need to save time when printing Client Statements. Now, there is an option to print up to ten client statements at the same time. Finally, we added two very helpful items to the Productivity by Item Report—the ability to select the item type and the ability to add client and patient information on the report. This helps to drill down further into this area.

6. Refill Prescriptions from the Patient Dashboard

This has proven to be another great time saver for practices. Now, they can click “Schedule Refill” right from the Patient Dashboard without having to click further into the Patient Medical Record to access prescription refills. Once clicked, the refill automatically gets added directly to the Prescription Worklist for that patient.

7. Lab Templates

Templates can speed up just about anything. Now, NaVetor’s Lab Templates are accessible directly from the SOAP.

8. Integrations

Our top list of enhancements wouldn’t be complete without some key integrations that were added during the last year. These include:

  • Asteris (PACS system): Providing fast and easy access to scans and images.
  • Care Credit: Providing additional payment options for clients.
  • Weave (client communications platform): Providing another option for communication, in addition to the ePet and Vet Hero integrations that NaVetor has previously implemented.

We want to thank NaVetor users for these outstanding recommendations. You talked … and we listened! For those who aren’t already using these features, you may want to give them a try!