One of the results of last year’s COVID-19 pandemic was a spike in demand for veterinary services, resulting in many practices struggling to keep up. Saving precious minutes wherever and whenever possible has been the goal for most. One of the best ways to save time is to ensure that you’re using every available feature of your software, ultimately enabling you to do more with less.

Here are five little-known, high-value software features that can help you streamline tasks and create extra time throughout your day.

1) Quick-view Dashboards

Does your software allow you to access key tasks from one central location? If not, you are likely wasting valuable time. Quite simply, more clicking equals more time lost. In contrast, having everything you need on one screen can add up to real time savings each day.

For example, from NaVetor’s main dashboard you can view upcoming appointments, check patients in when they arrive, and access all staff announcements and notifications, among other things. Having a handy springboard that links directly to key tasks equals less clicking and more time for other, more important things.

2) Whiteboards

Whiteboards are a great way to see everything happening within your practice at any given moment. Clearly displayed, they show the status, location, and appointment details of all checked-in patients.

While many software platforms may offer whiteboard features, NaVetor’s Whiteboard is included, with no extra modules or integrations to purchase. And in addition to keeping staff members up to date on patient status, it offers a client-friendly view that can be projected into your waiting room or displayed in real time on your website, enabling clients to see their pet’s status without calling you.

Talk about time-savings! No more running around from room to room trying to determine the status of a patient for the client on the phone. You have it all at your fingertips – and the client may not even have to contact you for an update on the patient. That compounds the time savings!

3) Treatment Sheets

While a whiteboard is a great tool for providing a snapshot of the patient’s status, wouldn’t it be even more helpful to have automated checklists and task assignments to help staff members manage patient care?

That’s the magic behind workflow tools like NaVetor’s Treatment Sheets. With Treatment Sheets, you have one convenient place to outline patient care tasks, assign them to the appropriate staff member, and track progress. When tasks are complete, such as administering medicine, staff members check them off the list. NaVetor’s robust, helpful treatment sheets have quickly become a practice favorite. Users also have the option to utilize pre-set treatment sheets or to create their own.

See Whiteboards and Treatment Sheets in action.
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4) Mobile App

We all know the benefits of using mobile apps to manage different aspects of our lives – travel, banking, and shopping, among others. From the palm of your hand, you can accomplish more tasks faster than ever before.

Now, imagine translating that efficiency to your veterinary practice. If your practice management software offers a robust mobile app, you can complete tasks from check-in to check-out, including invoicing and accepting payments, while on-the-go, inside the practice or out in the field. Your software accommodates your worklow, so you don’t have to plan your workflow around a workstation.

For example, using the NaVetor mobile app on an iPhone or iPad, you can:

  • Check patients in and out;
  • Update the medical record with findings, diagnoses, and treatments from an exam;
  • Prescribe medicine;
  • Create new invoices and accept payments;
  • Add new clients and patients, add additional patients to an existing client, and schedule or modify appointments.

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5) Online Appointment Booking

No, we aren’t talking about pre-set forms on your website for requesting appointments. Those are actually time-wasters, taking more time than even phone calls. Once the form is filled out, staff members need to determine availability, call or email clients to confirm their availability, and book the appointment, likely after some back-and-forth … and some wasted time.

Instead, we’re referring to online appointment bookings, where clients can select any open slot that fits their schedule, enter the patient and contact names, fill in the reason for the appointment, and click “Book.” Like magic, the appointment automatically shows up in your appointment calendar – no additional steps needed. Another great time-saver!

This feature will be available soon in both NaVetor software and the NaVetor mobile app, without any extra integrations to purchase.

When you take a step back and analyze your day, you can probably find more ways to leverage your software to save precious minutes each day. Saved minutes each day add up to saved hours by the end of the week. What could you do with a few extra hours each week?

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